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ADP Lemco, just like you, employs men and women who have children who attend schools, recreation centers, gymnasiums, churches and athletic facilities all over the country. These patron’s safety is our number one concern.

Safety is a three-legged stool that starts with the engineering of our equipment that we manufacture and distribute. The second leg is the installation process, who we have install our equipment is of upmost importance. We also have certain methods and certifications that ADP Lemco requires, for example all of our installers have an OSHA 30 Certification. The third and most important leg is the maintenance of the Athletic Equipment over time. It takes a few months to manufacture and install our equipment, then it is used almost daily in schools for over 35 years. There is no excuse when it comes to safety. All ceiling hung equipment is essentially a machine hanging 20-60 feet above the patrons. If the bolts are not being tightened at least once a year, the facility is not maintaining these properly.

ADP Lemco has a simple and clear goal, there will be no injuries from our equipment. To accomplish this goal, we partner with our customers and provide inspections and maintenance on a regular schedule for the life of the equipment in their buildings. Through this process we have found the following issues that were major problems we fixed before a breakage happened: Fraying Cables, Broken Welds, No Safety Straps, Missing Bolts, Broken Pipes, Broken Motor Hoists, Cables that have cut through Bolts and Clamps, etc. We are at the point that nothing will surprise us during inspections.

ADP Lemco inspects the following products inside a gymnasium: Ceiling Hung and Wall Mounted Basketball Backstops, Ceiling Hung Gym Divider Curtains, Ceiling Hung Volleyball Equipment, Wall Mounted Safety Wall Padding (Safety Wainscot), Telescoping Bleachers, Climbing Ropes, Wood Flooring, Scoreboards and anything else inside the gymnasium.

Specifically, for Ceiling Hung Basketball, Gym Divider Curtain and Volleyball systems we have a 14-point inspection form that we use during the inspection process. After the inspections are complete, we provide a PDF report that include up to 4 picture per unit for the client’s records. This report is important as the clients will have a easily assessable record of the maintenance done on the equipment. The report clearly recommends any items that need to be fixed or should be fixed in the near future. We also have a phone conversation after the full gym is inspected to discuss any needs that we see.

Do not wait until something happens in your gymnasium before you take action to prevent accidents. It does happen frequently that gymnasium Owners and Staff wait until something breaks to have us inspect all of their units. It is very common that we can identify and fix small problems before they become large expensive problems. There are no costs too high to prevent serious injury or death of a patron. Ceiling Hung Equipment is heavy and dangerous if not maintained. Dynamic prevention is the best policy.

“Our district inspects and maintains our equipment.” No, they don’t, nor are they trained or have the expertise to inspect in the first place. We have heard a million times that units are visually inspected, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Forgive our capitalization, but you cannot inspect a unit from the ground, you cannot tighten bolts, align cables, inspect the motor from looking 20-60 feet away. Common sense leads us to understand that district staff are amazing capable people that have much more work than they can possibly complete. When we speak to maintenance staff, they tell us they don’t touch our equipment, we were even told one time that all they have time for is “the squeaky wheel.” This doesn’t mean they aren’t great employees; it means they don’t have time.


ADP Lemco has Certified, from the Manufacturer, Inspectors. They all carry a General Liability Insurance. They all have an OSHA 30 Certificate. Most importantly, they have years and years of experience to know what can go wrong with Athletic Equipment, they are experts. It makes zero sense to hire an “Inspector” that is not certified by a major Manufacturer.

“Why do you need to hire us for inspections” can be simplified to the understanding that Owners and Staff are responsible for their gymnasiums. They are responsible for every patron in the facility at all times. They are legally responsible for routine and regular maintenance. Inspections also lead to the extended life of Athletic Equipment. According to statists there are over 35,000+ accidents involving children each year in the United States. As a team between ADP Lemco and the clients we don’t want any of those accidents to happen in their gymnasium.

In addition to the Gymnasium Owners and Staff responsibilities of safety, the regulations and requirements of their insurers need to be met by doing maintenance. Almost every state has passed legislation surrounding risk assessment and put “best practices” in place. There is no better practice than to have regular scheduled maintenance on Athletic Equipment. Our inspections will provide owners with the peace of mind that the equipment is free from “hidden” damages and potential problems. We want to be part of your team and accomplish our mutual goal of no injuries. See attached Example Reports, Inspection Certification and pictures provided. Please call or email anytime for more information.