ADP Top Roll Gym Divider Curtain

ADP Lemco Model Top Roll Gym Divider Curtain provides a solution for those facilities with height clearance issues. This low profile curtain is designed to operate without belts, cables, exposed wires or guide systems which allows the fabric to roll within 13.5” of ceiling overhead for maximum clearance. The Curtain has innovative and extremely quiet internal tubular motor with all electrical components which are neatly packaged inside the drive tube.The 6600 model includes a larger drive tube with vented ends for cooling off the motors. Includes our standard 19 oz. or 22 oz. vinyl lower section and 9 oz. vinyl coated mesh upper section. Curtain has welded seams, fully padded bottom batten, and no exposed hardware with mounting assemblies that allow easy installation and leveling. The internal motor system provides a clean look with no wires or cables exposed, and internal drive shaft motors enable lower power requirement and lower torque to move with similar speed as our standard external motors. The internal drive shaft motors pull only 3.5 amps and allow for larger variation of building configurations with space constraints. The designed carrier system has an increased diameter aluminum drive pipe for speeding up the roll time and prolonging the life of the vinyl. New ball bearing roller assembly designed with longer rollers to distribute the vinyl load, reducing stress on the material which also prolongs the life of the vinyl. Hardened steel rollers eliminate dirt buildup and tracking marks on vinyl that wood or rubber rollers create. In the up position the curtain has 13.5” compact profile to provide the most clearance of any of our curtain models.