ADP Colored Cork Surfaces

The Colored Cork surface is made with Forbo® linoleum, consisting of natural linseed oil, granulated cork, rosin binders, and dry pigments. Durable, self-healing, and colored throughout, Colored Cork also has a self-sanitizing quality to inhibit contaminants, and provides sound- and shock- absorbency. Colored Cork surfaces offer superior tack holding properties due to an extra-thick 1/4" layer of cork. The material is then bonded to 1/4" thick moisture-resistant MDF. The forgiving cork layer offers optimum self-healing properties for a more resilient board with long lasting durability. These high quality boards are ideal for high traffic areas, such as classrooms, hallways, reception areas, offices, and libraries. These durable surfaces are easy to maintain and washable.

  • 1/4" thick finely grained, natural cork is tinted in subtle colors for an upscale look.
  • The extra-thick cork is bonded to a 1/4" thick moisture resistant MDF core.
  • Colored Cork surfaces offer superior resiliency and self-healing properties so pin holes "disappear".
  • Colored Cork reduces light reflections, absorbs sound and naturally inhibits contaminants.
  • Top-quality Colored Cork surfaces offer optimum long lasting durability.