ADP Fabric Cork-Plate

Eliminate the need for push pins or tacks with these attractive fabric boards. Use Velcro compatible fabric to secure notices, art work, classroom aides, or photographs without leaving holes. The Fabric Cork-Plate surface consists of fabric laminated to 1/4” thick finely grained 100% natural cork that has been bonded to a 1/4” thick layer of moisture-resistant MDF. The board offers good acoustical qualities and the fabric is non-fraying and abrasion-resistant. All of our fabrics are washable and are unaffected by most household chemicals, including bleach, alkalis, salts, and cleaning agents.

  • Fabric boards work with any Velcro compatible hook and loop material.
  • Fabric absorbs sound to create a quieter environment.
  • Fabric surface resists bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Exceptionally wear-resistant fabric is non-fraying and abrasion-resistant.