ADP Horizontal Sliders

The innovative and customizable space-saving design of our horizontal sliding boards allows more writing surface on small areas. Utilize the same wall space for up to four full-length boards. Save lessons and notes in multiple-use rooms, or keep sensitive information hidden. Ideal for large meeting rooms, classrooms, or hallways. These boards can be customized with porcelain markerboard, porcelain chalkboard, or tack surfaces. Horizontal sliding boards are furnished with full-length mounting brackets at the bottom and L-clips at the top for wall attachments. Bolts are not included. Boards are framed with heavy-gauge anodized aluminum, and include a 2" high tackable map rail and enclosed end caps. Lightweight core material and precise alignment of the upper and lower tracks ensures easy operation. Choose from 2-, 3-, or 4-track systems. Available in standard 4' high and 6' to 20' widths. Frames are shipped fully assembled.

  • Includes a 2" high map rail with enclosed end caps.
  • Precise alignment of panels ensures easy operation.
  • Heavy aluminum frame is crafted for attractive appearance and rugged service.
  • Available in 2-, 3-, or 4-track systems.