ADP Snap Back A Professional Breakaway Basketball Rim

Snap Back Breakaway Goals have been a staple on basketball courts in pro arenas and practice facilities for decades. These top-of-the-line goals feature a positive lock mechanism that cannot be matched in quality, nor duplicated in functionality. With pressure set at 210 lbs, our Snap Back rims are designed to withstand the rigors of abuse from highly skilled players. Each rim features a tie-cord net attachment to help prevent hand injuries. The Snap backplate universally fits 42" backboards and qualify for all basketball rules for competition play with an adjustable positive lock mechanism, complying with NCAA rim elasticity rule.

  • Recommended Play Level: NBA, IBL, FIBA, NCAA
  • Fully adjustable positive lock mechanism set at 230 lbs of pressure
  • Used exclusively in NBA arenas for over 20 years