ADP Splash-Cork Surfaces

Durable and colorful, Splash-Cork boards offer an alternative to traditional natural cork surfaces. Ideal for classrooms, hallways, or reception areas, the 1/16" thick surface is made from finely grained 100% natural cork with a tinted binder that adds color and texture. The layer of cork is then permanently bonded to a 3/8" thick insulation board core. The self-healing surface is easily maintained and washable.

  • 1/16" thick layer of natural cork with a tinted binder adds color to any room.
  • The cork layer is permanently laminated to an extra thick 3/8" layer of insulation board.
  • Splash-Cork surfaces are self-healing and retain resiliency for years.
  • Splash-Cork reduces light reflection, absorbs sound and is naturally resistant to bacteria.