The Up-Rite Fender Desk by MooreCo is the energetic addition to complement any classroom. With full sit to stand adjustment, you can adjust for virtually any height, activity and position at the flip of a lever.

Simple to make a collaborative configuration with two casters and two stabilizing glides, just tilt and re-position. Tops fit together in a wide variety of group pod configurations.

Standing desks are well known to contribute to more productivity, better posture, fewer energy dips, and variety of other benefits. You will also have a space saving design and superior maneuverability in the classroom.

With 26″ to 43″ of sit to stand adjustability, the Up-Rite Fender Desk by MooreCo can work with either a chair or stool for position changes throughout the day.

Features a 1-1/8″ thick HPL top measuring 33″W x 23″D. Custom color tops are available to match your school colors or your design scheme. Call for more information.

Angled base includes a fully height adjustable foot rest.