Indoor Throwing Cage

Indoor Throwing Cage is a top quality unit for use in facilities where frequent indoor track and field set-up is required • This product meets all USTF and NCAA requirements for indoor throwing cages • System is compromised of two vertical frame members hinged at the truss connection point to allow the frames and wing doors to fold as a single unit • Frames are 4” square heavy wall tubing, extended to the floor in the down position, to support doors in the proper position for the event • Frames are folded into the stored position by means of ¼” galvanized aircraft cable on each vertical frame using a 3/4 HP double drum electric hoist • The rear cage frame is constructed of 1.9”O.D. heavy wall tubing • A cross spreader spans the perimeter of the cage to maintain a 5 m distance required by the NCAA rule • Frame is raised to the overhead storage position by means of six 1/8” galvanized aircraft cables routed through swivel pulleys to a central drive pipe • Drive system is powered by a ¾ HP electric motor • The net is constructed of 600 lb test (minimum), #72 knotted nylon.