The ODVB: 2-3/8" Outdoor Volleyball Standards

The ODVB: 2-3/8" Outdoor Volleyball Standardsis a rugged volleyball system that’s ideal for tournament or league play as well as recreational use. This set-up is ideal for parks, school yards, beaches, and campgrounds. Available in both 2-⅜” O.D. or heavy-duty 2-½” O.D. galvanized steel posts. For maximum stability these 10’ uprights should be 20” in-ground. Posts are pre-drilled for volleyball and badminton net heights. Posts can be removed when not in use because of the ground sleeves and caps that are included. All appropriate hardware is included as well as a winch. Upgrade system by purchasing the model 6827 locking covers, this will help further prevent theft or tampering with sleeve covers. Posts are sold in pairs; net sold separately.1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.